STOKED ROASTERS is the official coffee of the outdoors! We're all about premium coffee to kick start your day in a positive way. Our roasts are packed with good vibes by awesome people who love to be outside as much as you do.

We pride ourselves on roasting high quality green beans on our custom built 25lb San Franciscan roaster. All of our beans are Certified Organic by the Oregon Department Of Agriculture, and we participate in Fair Trade as often as possible. We also strictly use water processed green beans for our decaffeinated blends. 

We boast six Signature Series Blends so you can switch up your blend as often as you switch up your sports. We offer rotating Single Origin roasts, as well as a Signature House Blend Espresso that has been delicately crafted to express sweet, chocolate notes that only the best espresso can bring. 

In addition to our House Blend Espresso, we always feature a rotating Single Origin Espresso. Our thinking here is that an espresso drinker will get the opportunity to begin trying espresso from different origins of the world and through the process will begin to dive into the adventure of a whole spectrum of flavors. This also keeps it really fresh and fun for your morning espresso beverage and will get you pumped to try new origins.

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Whatever you want, we’ve got you covered. So go ahead and send it…Meet the day and GET STOKED!

 Not sure what STOKE suits you best? Come visit our tasting room located at the Hood River Waterfront area. Check out our roasting outfit, and enjoy a coffee brewed anyway you like.